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Having trouble deciding between webbing sling and round sling? You maybe confused about the differences and wondering which one is right for your application. Here are the following information for some tips for a practical guide about webbing sling belt OR round sling:

What is webbing sling?
Webbing Sling belt is a flat belt strap, which is embroidered together, using High Tenacity Polyester Yarn material, and has eye loops at both ends. They can be produced in a variety of lengths and widths. Webbing Sling Belts are also color coded making it easier for you to know the exact lifting force of your lifting equipment.
What are the advantages of webbing slings?
The advantages possessed by the Webbing Sling Belt are that it is flexible, light, and easy to carry anywhere, for many other lifting equipment on the market. This flexible nature means they can easily be wrapped around loads, especially those with a wide bearing surface.
What are the cons of Webbing Sling Belt?
In addition to the plus side that the webbing sling belt has, there is also a negative side, the webbing sling belt does not function properly in some conditions, such as where there may be moisture, or when there is lifting of goods that have a sharp angle the webbing sling belt needs to be added sleeve protection so as not to damage the body surface of the webbing sling belt. Besides that, the webbing sling belt is also very sensitive to materials containing acids, because it can cause serious damage to the webbing sling belt.
So, that was about the advantages and disadvantages of webbing sling belts. Next, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of round slings.
What are Round Slings?
Round Slings are very similar to webbing sling belts, because they are both made of Polyester Synthetic Yarn. The most striking difference is in its physical form, round slings have a round shape like a tube and have no eye knots. A collection of polyester threads is combined and wrapped in a sheath or protector which is also made of woven Polyester Synthetic Yarn. The round sling protective jacket has different color variants depending on the lifting capacity.
What are the advantages of Round Slings?
Round slings have almost the same advantages as webbing sling belts; more flexible, smoother, easy to carry anywhere and offer great protection for loads. However, they generally offer slightly better load protection. Because they use endless loops, round slings can provide much better hold than webbing sling belts. 
What are the Cons of the Round Sling?
And as for the problem of the lack of round slings, they are not much different from webbing sling belts. neither are the strongest lifting equipment on the market, but round slings have much lower stretch levels than webbing sling belts.
​Webbing Sling OR Round Sling - which type of lift is right for me?
Ultimately, webbing sling belts and round slings are excellent lifting equipment and are well suited for various lifting methods. Round Slings are stronger and offer protection, while Webbing Sling Belts have a higher level of stretch with a wider surface. If you need help deciding which lift is right for you, or other lift accessories, you can find us at Contact.
<![CDATA[Webbing Sling Belt]]>Thu, 01 Dec 2022 03:45:49 GMThttps://sebatek.id/blog/webbing-sling-belt​Generally, in the process of lifting heavy duty, the weight of the goods being moved varies greatly from the lightest to the super heavy, besides that the dimensions of the goods being lifted also always vary, even the Center of Gravity (COG) of each item must be different. To assist the lifting process, there are various tools that can be used, one of which is the Webbing Sling belt.
Webbing Slings are often also referred to as Sling Belts or Webbing Sling belts or Webbing Slings Belt Flat eye to eye is a tool in the form of webbing or woven made of polyester and made flat or flat with different sizes according to the lifting capacity.
Application and Function of the Webbing Sling Belt
The main function of the Webbing Sling is to lift objects or items that have large dimensions with heavy weights. In some situations, webbing slings are used instead of wire slings or wire rope slings.  Therefore, this Webbing Sling can be used in various types of industries such as the construction industry, shipping industry, cargo industry, and various other types of industries that routinely carry out lifting or towing activities.
Here are some examples of the use and variations of Webbing Slings in their use in the industrial world, for example:
  • Cargo Net, often used in transportation to maintain the security of goods.
​There are several types of materials that can be used to make eye to eye webbing sling belts, including nylon and Polyester Synthetic yarn. PT. Sebatek Prima Tunggal uses Polyester Synthetic Yarn. Why use Polyester?
Polyester or synthetic fiber is a type of material that is also commonly used as a material for making webbing. objects delicate or requiring extra handling. Polyester material also does not absorb water, so it is suitable for use in industries that come into contact with water, such as in the shipping industry.
Therefore PT. Sebatek Prima Tunggal only uses Polyester Synthetic yarn to produce eye to eye webbing sling belts. We also provide a choice of lifting capacity variants and we also accept custom Polyester Synthetic yarn products, according to your needs.
In general, high tenacity polyester yarn products produced by PT. Sebatek Prima Tunggal has color variants according to lifting capacity. Why do you have to use lots of colors? The main reason is for safety factors and other reasons because we adhere to the European Normalization (EN) 1492-1 international standard. In addition to the webbing Sling Belt eye to eye PT. Sebatek Prima Tunggal also has a tag. So for customers who use Webbing Sling Belt eye to eye PT. Sebatek Prima Tunggal can easily find out the lifting capacity of the webbing slings by the color of the webbing slings or by checking the tag printed on the webbing slings or on the attached certificate.
  • Sling Bag, used to facilitate the transportation of Paper Roll and Tissue Roll.
  • Ratchet Lashing / Cargo Strap, used to tie and fasten goods in the shipping process.

By using the coloring code system, it is very helpful in carrying out inspections and knowing the lifting capacity of the purchased webbing sling belt. With this, the load lifted will be in accordance with the capacity to maintain the security of all parties involved in the process and to make the lifting a success.
PT. Sebatek Prima Tunggal is a High Tenacity Polyester Yarn manufacturing company, which produces product variants from 100% Polyester with various specifications that we can customize to your needs.